The best place to rent a dress in Toronto

Toronto's best dress rentals

our studio is also available for photo shoots!

Toronto's raddest dress rental studio is now open. It's also the only dress rental place in town where you don't need an appointment! Just drop in anytime during store hours to try on and reserve any of our KILLER rental dresses

The best place to rent a dress in Toronto

The best place to rent a dress in Toronto

Yes, as some of you may have heard (and some of you haven't), Fitzroy Boutique as you know it is no longer. Our Ossington Pop-Up is now closed and we have made the transition to a full time (permanent!) dress rental studio! Opening on October 3rd, 2016, our new space is a bright, welcoming, intimate studio packed to the brim with gorgeous dresses, jumpsuits and gowns just waiting for you to come take them out on the town!

Free people velvet jumpsuit for RENT @studiofitzroy in Toronto

More than that however, it's a place to hang out, relax and chill with a drink and a snack in a private, super-fun environment while you play dress up with the help of our amazing stylists (us and our super friendly staff!) We encourage you to come out with your friends and chill on our sweet new couch while listening to awesome tunes and trying on awesome dresses. 

now serving Kombucha in the studio

Toronto's best dress rentals at Studio Fitzroy
Gorgeous Art Deco gown by Free People 

Saffron Maxi by For Love and Lemons -Rent in sizes small through large

champagne and chocolate ghosts - hospitality at Studio Fitzroy in Toronto

Our rentals can be booked several months in advance (we already have New Year's bookings you guys! It's nuts!) or you can pop in and grab something for the upcoming weekend, or even as last minute as "tonight"! There will always be lots to choose from and someone to help you out. 

our rental bookings office is cozy and intimate

Our rental rates range from $50 - $100 for 4 days and $75 to $120 for 8 days (depending on the dress) and that price includes the dry cleaning, so it's as easy as wear it and bring it back! 

here's us with Anna the dry cleaner, an integral part of our team!

blue dresses and gowns for rent at Studio Fitzroy in Toronto
a few of our favourite blue rental dresses

Fall in love with lots of em? You can try on and reserve as many as you want for your upcoming events - hello holiday party season!

Can't make it in? Call us or email for over-the-phone bookings and inquiries about dress availability at 647 520 7907 or

Toronto partydress rentals at Studio Fitzroy

We are now also offering courier service within downtown Toronto and shipping country-wide will be next!

The best place to rent a dress in Toronto

We're also still selling accessories, bags, and jewellery to go with the dresses, along with boob tape, nipple covers and those sticky boob cup thingies - basically everything you need to keep the girls in place. We're your one stop event shop!

Rent a killer dress in Toronto from Studio Fitzroy

You can view all the dresses online here (more are being added regularly) or just pop in to check out our new space and play dress up, upcoming event or not!

Gracie Maxi Dress by For Love and Lemons for RENT in Toronto

We are very excited about this new venture for Fitzroy, and to be able to continue to offer you the amazing, unique styles you come to us for, but as a rental platform instead. Easier on your wallet, your closet, the environment, and your instagram feed! See here for why we believe you should rent not buy. 

Where to rent a gown in Toronto? Studio Fitzroy

For those looking for a great gift, we also still stock our amazing celebrity prayer candles here in the studio, along with beautiful bags, scarves, hats and the prettiest jewelry in town from Armed and Shop For Jayu. 

Kanye, Britney, Kim K, Drake and more celebrity prayer candles at Studio Fitzroy in Toronto
our celebrity prayer candles make the perfect gift

We will also soon be adding a beauty / makeover element to the new studio, so stay tuned for that! Make-up and hair-styling when you come to pick up your dress? Could it BE any better?

1227 Dundas Street West (one block west of Ossington)
2nd Floor - side door entrance on Grove Ave.

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Ange and Jules

Angela Pastor and Julie Buczkowski of Studio Fitzroy Dress Rentals, Toronto


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