No you can't buy that.

Toronto dress rental service at Fitzroy Boutique

At the moment we have a store full of beautiful dresses. It's actually the most stunningly beautiful collection of dresses we've EVER HAD. And after almost 5 years of doing everything we can to get people to come in to the store and buy our dresses, it feels pretty alien now to turn around and say "sorry, no" when someone is trying to do just that. And while we hate to say no (we're people pleasers!), our customers definitely understand when they hear our reasoning behind it. 

So here we're going to outline our case for renting a dress for your next event instead of buying one, and hopefully you'll come rent one from us at the end of it.

Dress rentals from Toronto's Fitzroy Boutique

Our top 10 reasons you should RENT not buy:

1. You're not going to wear it again.  We're not talking about your everyday, easy breezy summer sundresses. The ones you wear out shopping, to lunch and to the park / beach / cottage. If you're looking for one of those we have plenty available right here

But no, we're talking about that truly special, standout piece that makes a dramatic statement when you wear it. How many of those dresses have you bought for a wedding, gala, birthday party or graduation that now sit in your closet collecting dust? 

Rent a designer dress in Toronto at Fitzroy Boutique

 2. It's more affordable. We're guessing those are not cheap dust-collectors taking up space in your closet. Several hundred dollars later and you've worn it once, maybe twice, and now you need a new one. We've all been there. Our rentals will all cost you less than $100, with most starting at $50 for 4 days. Boom. 

 3. More variety. When you rent, you get to wear something different every time without feeling guilty about all the money you're spending! It also means you can go for that super special, crazy-balls-amazing standout dress that you could never justify buying because (see pt. #1) you're only going to wear it once

4. Instagram  / Facebook / Snapchat etc. Nobody wants to be all over the gram in the same dress at every single event. No matter HOW MUCH you love that dress, a million photos in it wedding after wedding just feels super lame these days. Thanks, social media.  Not to mention that if you do buy a dress from one of the fast fashion places at the mall, the chances of this happening at your event increase exponentially.

5. You're in a wedding 5 weddings. Bridesmaids duties call for a certain colour or style you don't already own? And you're in 5 weddings this summer?? We feel your pain. The stress / cost / pressure of this all too common situation can add up fast.  Instead of turning your closet into a wedding graveyard, hit us up for the perfect not-too-bridesmaidy bridesmaid look every time. 

6. Carrie Bradshaw. While you may never be lucky enough to have her dreamy, designer-duds-filled walk-in closet, (or even if you do!), you can come play dress-up in ours and prance around town for a night in your tallest heels and a Carrie Bradshaw-eqsue designer dress that would make Mr. Big drool. 

 7. You have a black-tie, formal or gala event.  Preach, Amy Schumer:

8. It's New Years, duhWhat happened to all that sparkly shit you bought last year? And the year before that? And the year before that. Let us buy, hoard and store all the sparkly shit so you don't have to. Cuz damn it is fun to wear. 

9. Vegas wedding. Calling all you non-conventional brides out there. Whether you're heading to Vegas, Toronto City Hall or a backyard BBQ wedding we have lots of gorgeous options that will help take the stress away from your big day. Save money, look stunning. It's a win-win.  Not a bride? These dresses work wonders at white parties, showers or receptions.

10. Because we make it easy for you.  Just drop by the store. That's it, no appointment necessary. We are open from 12-7 weekdays , 12-6 on weekends at 1227 Dundas Street West, 2nd floor (entrance on Grove Ave)and are happy to help you find the perfect dress for your event! You can reserve the dresses in advance for multiple events, and we take care of the dry cleaning for you, so it's as easy as reserve - borrow & wear - return. 

New styles & sizes are being added regularly. This fall look out for lots more stunning For Love And Lemons pieces in full size-runs, more gala-worthy gowns and more large sizes. We promise they're coming soon! 

You can read our rental FAQ here or check out the full rental collection here (although there are always a few more new beauties in the store which haven't been photographed yet). 

Dress rentals from Fitzroy Boutique in Toronto



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