What to wear to every type of wedding

Wedding season is officially upon us again, and we couldn't be happier about it; weddings are our jam. There's always just so much love in the room, not to mention the beautifully decorated spaces, stunning florals, amazing food and free champagne! What's not to love?! Plus, how often you get to get all dressed up with your nearest and dearest? A wedding is the time to bring out your favourite, most special pieces. The clutch you spent wayyyy too much on, the designer heels you only wear once or twice a year. Not to mention, a wedding is the perfect excuse to treat-yo-self to a new dress! But as we all know, weddings can also present certain sartorial challenges, which is where we come in.

Different venues call for varying attire, and it's not always immediately obvious what is and isn't appropriate. Scroll down for some general helpful pointers and a few shoppable, concrete ideas for what you should wear to every type of wedding


When your hipster friends book that cool downtown loft space you didn't even realize was a wedding venue, go for easygoing laid-back elegance. Start with a chic black canvas, then add unexpected pops of colour and print with statement accessories; that clutch, those shoes. You know the ones. The key here is to look like you woke up like this; cool as f*ck.  

Resort Maxi by Pink Stitch in Black

The same easy-effortless rules apply to that dreamy destination wedding on a tropical beach - which is why we're suggesting the same Resort Maxi Dress as above - this time in a fun python print! Flowy printed maxi dresses were made for breezy seaside nuptuals. Find one that's long enough and you can even go barefoot without anyone knowing... 

For an intimate affair at a downtown restaurant, you afford to be a little more daring. We love this stunner of a bodycon leopard print dress in a chic grey print by One Teaspoon. A head-turner for sure, it's wedding appropriate because it adheres to the golden style rule that if it's going to be tight, (and leopard-print, yowza) keep the length below the knee and the neck high. Dress it up with sexy heels and a cropped leather jacket and hope you're seated at the singles table. 

City Hall is where you're going to want to pare it down a bit. For this understated venue, a classic LBD works perfectly. It's unlikely that the bride is going to be ball-gown-ing-it-up, so anything too flashy could be treading into unsafe "upstaging" territory. Not that you shouldn't make an effort. Go ahead and dress up that LBD! This one by Casper and Pearl is the perfect choice because it's REVERSIBLE, so when you head from the judge's chambers to the after-party you can always put ya thing down flip it and reverse it into this pretty floral number (see below).

Esma Reversible Dress by Casper and Pearl

Backyard weddings tend to be fun, playful affairs; the perfect excuse for you to rock a colourful flirty print. Why not go for florals and blend in with the pretty backdrop? Garden parties, flowers and sunshine. All of the love.

For the more traditional golf course or country club wedding, an a-line tea-length dress in a pretty pastel shade (like this peach beauty, now on SALE!) will keep you looking sophisticated, chic and dress-code appropriate. Pair with killer heels and metallic statement jewellery to add an element of edge to this feminine look, (think Carrie rather than Charlotte). We love the juxtoposition.

Peaches and Cream Dress by Champagne and Strawberry

Barn weddings can be truly magical. You're out of the city in the woods somewhere, it's romantic and well-lit and dreamy. We love the idea of going outside the box for this whimsical affair by rocking a two-piece outfit. A high-waist midi skirt (like this gorgeous tropical print one by Show Me Your Mumu), silky palazzo pants or culottes with a pretty cropWe're so crazy about the midi-length these days, such a fresh way to show off your favourite shoes!

This is one you may not have even seen coming. You're partying it up with your friends in Vegas when two of them suddenly announce the real reason you're all there, and before you can down your drink you're piled into a cab heading for an Elvis Chapel. In this case pretty much anything goes because hey, it's Vegas, so you're probably going to end up in whatever you were wearing at the club. We say, embrace it, because when else will you be able to rock an acid-yellow leather mini skirt to your best friend's wedding? That's right, never. And if it's anything like this wedding, well, who the heck cares what you're wearing, you're just lucky to be there. 

Acid Mini Skirt by Premonition Designs


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