the rad files: THIS WEDDING

If you're like us, you're getting a little tired of seeing the same sickly-sweet, pretty-pretty, pinterest-perfect wedding photos over and over again. Ok so that's a lie, we can't get enough of them, but neverltheless this crazy-cool Vegas elopement comes as a massive breath of fresh air in a sea of cookie-cutter chalkboard calligraphy, place settings fit for the queen and overly staged wedding photos. It's nice to see a couple eschew all the monotonous wedding formalities in favor of just having a really f'ing good time together on their wedding day. When these pictures first came out I could NOT STOP STARING at them for at least a week.

Ainsley and Sebastian of Sticks and Stones Agency had only one rule for their big day: "to have an UN-WEDDING." Says the bride: "I don't think any photos or words could ever justify how much fun we had on the day", which was clearly shaped by the couples laid back attitude. "We had absolutely no idea what we would do that day, we just knew we had to be at our chapel by 2:45pm. This made for a completely stress and pressure free day.” As someone currently in the deep-end of wedding-stress, their carefree scenario sounds like an absolute dream. Same goes for the bride's wedding day attire.  Maybe all you really need is the one you love, some pink hair, sequins and converse.  Although at the end of the day, I think I would miss my friends and family being there to share in the joy. 

Still, we doubt we'll see a more fun wedding than this one.  And I want pink hair, immediately.