Bandaids Don't Fix Bullet Holes

Looks like our favourite pop star has found a much more productive way to deal with her rage issues,

  by channeling them into her new super-hero alter-ego "Catastrohphe". Backed by a badass girl-gang made up Swift's real-life girl gang (plus Cindy Crawford for some reason), these leather-clad babes kick ass and tear shit up Quentin Tarantino styles, throwing punches and knives without a hair out of place. Never have we wanted to join her girl-gang more. 

Watch Swift re-affirm her affinity for knife-weilding-revenge in the video below, while using this handy superhero name generator to find out what your Bad Blood name would be.  Then simply photoshop yourself and your new name into the poster and let anyone who has ever wronged you know they better watch their back.  Because...

This is what the name generator came up with for us. I think Julie's is quite an accurate description of her.

We totally fit right in, right??

We think our favourite Swift is still cake-stabbing Swift though. She'd be the most fun to party with.

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