Taylor Swift Parties like Andrew WK

Just a few examples of Miss Swift partying hard.

As you know, yesterday Taylor Swift broke the internet with the release of her insanely NUTS BALLS  "Blank Space" video and everyone lost their collective shit. Mostly to our utmost amusement. So today we'd like to join in the conversation and offer up our own take on exactly what the thought process was behind this visual mindf*ck. We believe that Miss Swift has finally and wholeheartedly embraced the sage wisdom of everyone's favourite fun-loving hard rocker Andrew W.K. and decided once and for all to "party hard". 

 Think about it. She wears an excessive amount of ballgowns while wielding knives, harboring exotic pets, riding a bike in a mansion and smashing up a ton of shit. Not to mention making the exact same lost-your-mind-crazy-eyes face that Andrew W.K. coined. Yeah, he owns that face Taylor.  So if this video isn't a perfect homage to the king of partying himself, we don't know what is.

In an attempt to prove our thesis, here are a collection of stills from Swift's epic video re-imagined as conceptualizations of Andrew W.K's signature "PARTY TIP" tweets. You're welcome. 

PARTY TIP: Feed your pet directly from your hand and pretend you’re at the petting zoo!

PARTY TIP: Spend more time with animals.

PARTY TIP: Pay for all your friend's food and drinks.  

PARTY TIP: Becoming an adult isn't about giving up what you enjoyed as a child. Becoming an adult is about becoming a super-child. 

 PARTY TIP: Role-playing games count as partying.

PARTY TIP: Stop looking at the news and go for a walk outside for a while.

PARTY TIP: Tell the important people in your life that you love them. Even if it feels awkward. It really matters.

PARTY TIP: You're my friend. And friends are cool.

PARTY TIP: Lots and lots and lots of candy.

PARTY TIP: Don’t worry. Stay positive. Let go of the stress. Everything will work out. I’m hugging you.

PARTY TIP: We must be brave enough to wholeheartedly deny all the forces working to crush our spirit.

PARTY TIP: It's basically the perfect time to put a huge load of pizza in your mouth.

PARTY TIP: It's OK to cry. It doesn't always mean you're sad. Sometimes it's just because FEELS.

PARTY TIP: Whenever you can't find a party, BE THE PARTY.

PARTY TIP: Think about how intense it is to be a woman.

PARTY TIP: The best way to find your soul is to lose your mind.

PARTY TIP: Sometimes the best way to heal a broken heart is by partying it back together.

PARTY TIP: Stay strong, keep going, and do not give up on your life or the power in your heart and in your indestructible spirit.

PARTY TIP: Don’t be afraid to go solo.

PARTY TIP: It's OK to be overwhelmed by life.

PARTY TIP: Don't let anyone or anything bring you down! YOU are the key to happiness!

PARTY TIP: Being alive is very intense, it's perfectly acceptable to not be comfortable all the time.

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