What's In My Bag - part 1

We love a good peek inside someone's bag. Mine is usually a complete mess but I've cleaned it up for this post and photographed only the essentials. Not pictured: a comb or small brush full of my hairs, numerous random receipts and lots and lots of crumbs.  

My go-to bag right now is our Wythe Metallic Leather Tote in silver.  Roomy and oversized enough to hold all my crap, but lightweight enough that I don't feel like I've had an arm workout at the end of the day.  We love the way it shimmers in the light and makes any outfit a bit more special.

What's inside it? Well firstly, ANOTHER BAG. Because it comes with A WHOLE SECOND BAG inside it, this adorable oversized leopard pouch! So if you're one of those people who routinely can't find shit they need in their bag (like me), you can put it in the pouch! Or, use the two bags separately. Who doesn't love a good oversized clutch?

Then there are the essentials. My iPhone, in the CHANEL perfume bottle case that I still get stopped almost every day on the street and asked about. You can grab one here in black or clear. I never leave the house without lipstick. My current go-to is MAC's Coral Bliss. I apply it using this adorable map of southern Ontario pocket mirror I found at Kid Icarus in Kensington Market. I smile every time I pull it out and feel a bit homesick.

 I love this little Liberty print notebook so much, and the pen is a honeymoon souvenir from the Graham & Co hotel in the Catskills.  The polaroid of me and Julie wearing weird masks at a random party always makes me laugh. (MISS YOU!!)

I usually have some kind of snacks/candy in my bag. HARIBO is everything here in London, and so far removed from actual food that it can last in the bottom of your bag for months.

Good headphones are a must. The COMME des GARCONS wallet was a Christmas gift, and yes that is Tom Selleck on my key chain.

I also always carry MAC mascara and under eye brightener. That stuff works miracles.

Stay tuned next week for a look inside Julie's bag. In the meantime you can shop the Wythe Metallic Leather Tote here


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