Trending: How to wear a shearling jacket

It's January, it's snowing, and it's effing freezing outside. And while we all want to hide inside and live in our sweatpants, (we blame you, Friends on Netflix!) even the most anti-winter among us can get sick of lethargical hibernation pretty damn quick. So the question becomes not should you venture out into the world again? (yes!) but rather, what should you wear when you do?? Staying warm during the polar vortex doesn't have to mean reconciling yourself that same frumpy black coat that every single person on the subway is wearing. Yawn. Boring. We're over it. Put Friends back on!

Instead, why not try one of our favourite new looks of the season, the on-trend and highly functional shearling collared jacket. See how the shearling lining keeps you warm as f*ck, while the cropped bomber cut is super stylish? It's good right?  The silhouette can be a bit bulkier than you're used to, so it's best to keep your bottom half sleek in skinny jeans or leggings. Then add your fave motorcycle boots, a crossbody or top-handle bag and an oversized beanie (see below). Winter style, dominated.

Bonus, you can now fully channel Jordan Catalano's whole I can't even read and I'm still the coolest kid in school schtick. 

We currently have this beauty in stock from UK label Glamorous. Scroll down for a pic of our own Julie rocking it like the mega babe that she is. 


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