Travel Diaries: The Graham and Co, Catskills NY

We've been a bit quiet on the blog lately (it's been a busy few weeks!) but we're getting back into the swing of things here at the shop and wanted to take a minute to share some of our recent adventures with you. Last month I was lucky enough to spend a few days of my upstate New York road-trip honeymoon in a little piece of heaven called The Graham and Co.  Located in the smallest town I've ever been to (just one little main street really) in the middle of the stunning Catskill mountains, this place was all the artfully-designed peace and quiet we could've hoped for. An old-school 20-room motel that's been given an "unpretentious but considered" makeover, they've succeeded in hitting that sweet spot of rustic mountain charm mixed with just the right amount modern amenities and carefully branded bathroom products picky city folks like us expect.

The staff were laid-back, friendly and helpful and the town so quiet it felt like time had stopped. There was literally nothing to do but read a book in the hammock,  take a bike ride to the amazing diner, walk along the river, explore the pretty little side streets, eat an ice cream and float around the pool with a beer in your hand, listening to the Beach Boys. Heaven. 

They make their own tees and sweatshirts that say CATSKILLS VS HAMPTONS. We had not been there 5 minutes before I bought one, obviously. 

In case you're wondering, my softer-than-soft honeymoon sweatpants are available here

In the mornings we went for walks around town and explored along the river bed. We missed the fall colours by just a few weeks but you can imagine how stunning it must be this time of year... 

You could also take the hotel's free cruiser bikes for a short ride over to the excellent roadside diner that's just outside of town. We were told not to worry about locking them up, since "everyone in town knows they're ours".  Love it. 

After that we just poked around town; there are a few cute antique shops and a very cool old railway museum. 

We also toyed with the idea of buying one of the beautiful old homes in town, apparently they're just giving them away.. 

In the evenings we grabbed a bottle of wine and played board games by the cozy fire. In the warmer months they show movies out on the lawn at night under the stars. Magic. 

When the time came to check out I had to be dragged away, kicking and screaming sighing and instagramming. We can't wait to go back next summer, but by the looks of things we'd better book it now. 

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