Firstly, we're not sure how January has now become the "end of the season". Wouldn't that be lovely? Winter ends now, and spring begins February 1st. Commence burning of all winter attire. The fashion world would almost have us believe this is the case, what with the brightly coloured shorts and sun-dresses hitting the racks this month. But we know better. It's still -20 outside (on a good day), still freaking snowing, and its going to stay this way FOR MONTHS. So instead of reclining yourself to sweatpants and hibernation, why not make the most of it by treating yourself to some pretty new duds to see you through the next 3-4 months, at up to 70% off! Because even our SALE is on sale right now. 

Until this Wednesday the 29th you can get 30% off the entire site with the code FACEFACE at checkout. And we've made it easier to see what's left in your size. Click below to go straight to your section.  And happy winter from all of us at FITZROY!




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