The stars layer like pros at Sundance 2014

We love style-stalking the Sundance Festival every year. It's a chance to see celebs dressed-down, in their casual, off duty looks, rocking their cutest winter duds. In addition to seeming like they're actually enjoying themselves and having fun (well, except Rooney) the A list are also wearing, for the most part, very easily copyable outfits. Just at the point where we're ready to burn all our winter clothes in seasonal protest, we have a fresh new bunch of inspiration to carry us through in our oversized coats and sweaters for at least the next few months. 

We took note of these outfits which demonstrate some particularly mean winter layering skills. Take note, kids.

Suki Waterhouse rocks her oversized layers to perfection.

Kristen Ritter keeps it simple for a super chic look.

Kate Hudson and I have the same hat so we should probably be best friends.

Does anyone else think Diane Kruger is wayyyy too good for Pacey?!

We love Kiera's belted sweater look.

Aubrey!!!!!!!!! #girlcrush

Anne does the dressed-down-hipster thing and it's working for her.

This is when Diane called everyone in for an instructional tutorial on layering.

Brit Marling pairs her Christpher Kane botanicals with some metallic silver brogues for the win.

Rooney Mara pairs her deer-in-the-headlights look with a fantastic cropped chunky black knit. She is so over all this festival shit.

Christina we love your coat, and you are adorable.

Rachel you and I are fighting right now. You know why.

Zoe Saldana has found the perfect weekend-dressed down look. And she knows it.

Elizabeth Moss has been killing it lately. How very Donna Hayward of her.

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