The wild woman: Lucius' Holly Laessig

If you're a music fan, chances are Brooklyn-based indie pop quintet Lucius have been on your radar lately, and even more likely on your playlist. With their killer identical outfits, symettrical stage set-up and heavenly harmonies, Lucius are truly a treat for the senses. We bet they smell amazing too. 

Giving a nod to the wall-of-sound harmonies of the 1960s girl-groups, dual lead singers Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe masterfully blend their two voices into one perfect sound, making it impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. They've described it as "two voices, singing as one," the result of which is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. Combine that with an infectious live show and the most sing-and-dance-and-clap-along-able album we've heard in a long time, and it's clear this charming band are deserving of all the acclaim, and then some. 

Currently on tour in support of their debut full-length offering Wildewoman, released this past October on Mom+Pop (Metric, Sleigh Bells), Holly kindly took a few minutes to chat with us about the band's noteworthy style choices, and what it means to be a "wild woman".  

Jess (left) and Holly (right) rocking the raddest sunnies we've ever seen.

Ladies can we please borrow your metallic jumpsuits? Thanks!

Fitzroy: You guys have such a fun and unique style, and always look so striking on stage! We love the vintage influence.  How would you describe the band's look or style? 

Holly: We definitely have an affinity for all things mod and retro. Everything back then was very tailored and stylized and incorporated symmetry, geometry, and a great palette of colors. Those things have become part of our show and have helped to dress what we're trying to portray sonically. 

Fitzroy: What was behind the idea of dressing identically? Was it meant to reflect the harmonizing you do in the songs? Have you done it since the very beginning of Lucius or did it evolve over time as the band developed its identity and aesthetic? 

Holly: As our sound became more intentional, our look kind of shadowed that sentiment. The core of the sound, the voices and our songwriting has always stemmed from the idea of two as one. So we dressed the beast, first in clothes coordination and then expanding upon and homing in on that idea of symmetry. Dressing the sound so to speak. From the start of the show it puts everyone including ourselves on a different plane.

Fitzroy: Do you and Jess generally agree right away on outfits or is it more of a collaboration/process to agree on something you'll both be happy to wear? 

Holly: I'd have to say Jess is great at finding things, she's fashion forward and since we really share the same aesthetic I always trust her opinion. We both tend to save images and create "look books" and visual inspiration we find, and then try to recreate and reinvent.

Fitzroy: Do you and Jess have similar off-duty styles as well? 

Holly: Hmm yes, I'd say we tend to both go for the more "relaxed" look on our days off. But in general I'd say I'm a little more of a tomboy, Jess has great style even on the off days.

Holly and Jess "off duty". We think you both look great!

Fitzroy: We're obsessed with your metallic and sequin outfits! What has been your favourite ensemble to wear on stage or for a photo or video shoot?

Holly: So far probably the black and white dress/black and white tights and shoes simply because it creates such a strong visual to the audience.

Holly and Jess rock out on stage in their matching symmetrical dresses and mod cat-eye. (via

Fitzroy: We love your song Wildewoman, it makes us feel so empowered. Our tag line is "For The Wild At Heart", essentially the "wild" woman. What does the wild woman represent to you? Or who is the Wildewoman? Also, what made you choose that album title?

Holly: A Wildewoman is strong, open minded, unabashed- or working towards those things, which takes strength in itself. It's someone interested in journeying off the beaten path. We chose that title because the record encompasses the journey of getting to that place.

Holly and Jess in Greylin.
Fitzroy:  We saw a gorgeous pic of you and Jess rocking a dress by Greylin, which is one of the lines we carry at Fitzroy. If you were to choose one outfit from our store to wear on stage what would it be? 

Holly: We really like the white Point In Time Dress and would definitely wear the Delusion Jacket with it..striking but with a funky edge. Very cool.

Point in Time Dress and Delusion Jacket by Bless'ed Are The Meek at

Fitzroy: And lastly, who are you listening to these days and most excited to see live this year?

Holly: I've been listening to the Phosphorescent record non stop and am super pumped to see them again, we're doing a bunch of festivals and the line ups are insane. Check out the bands playing Governors Ball, you'll see why I'm so excited to play that!

Catch Lucius' nearly sold-out live show this spring across The States and Europe (yipee!!) and then immediately start to co-ordinate outfits with your best friend. Even if you're not going to see each other that day. It'll just make you feel all warm inside. We smell a trend brewing...

And if you're not familiar with their sound (or even if you are), check out this adorable tour video and fall even more in love with this insanely talented band. 

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