DIY - Vintage Christmas Tree Ornaments

It's December 1st, (how did that happen??!!) and with holiday fever officially upon us, I for one am pretty pumped to start decorating! This year I've decided to go for the opposite of my usual, pretty-pretty, gold and white Christmas Tree and instead try to re-create a vintage 1940s-style tree, exploding with colour. 

(here's me putting the finishing touches on my vintage tree later today)

The key to creating an authentic post-war era Christmas Tree seems to be these multi-coloured striped glass balls:

You would think they'd be easy to find, but you my friend would be wrong. On sites like ebay and etsy they are few and far between, and quite pricey when you do come across them. I could scour my local Christmas antique markets, but seriously who has time for that?? I want this done TODAY, people! 

Luckily I came across this seemingly simple DIY (thanks internets!) and am going to attempt to paint my own striped Christmas balls! If the result is half decent I will share it here, but that's a big if. My DIY projects usually end up looking like something the worst kid in your kid's class would've made. 

So cross your fingers inside your mittens for me, and happy decorating!

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  1. Found this on Pinterest! These are gorgeous ornaments...I have many of the same. Nothing like a Christmas tree full of vintage ornaments! Thanks for sharing.