Break out of your style rut.

We're not yet even half-way through the season and I'm already feeling myself getting stuck in a bit of a winter style-rut. If you're like me and could do with a dose of inspiration, we've put together these quick and easy tips from celebs, both then and now, to help tweak your wardrobe and put the excitement back into getting dressed.

Don't be intimidated, you can pull it off just as well, and remember - most of them employ stylists! 

It's the season of the opaque black tights under all your skirts and dresses. But after a while the same old black tights become yawnsville, and we're SO OVER IT. Instead, why not swap them out for some fun patterned tights a-la a young DVF? It's a hot look that still keeps your legs covered, technically.

Tired of everything in your closet? Look to your guy's side of the wardrobe to pull off an Annie Hall-inspired menswear look. Rock one of his oversized white shirts like pre-Cruise, pre-Suri Katie Holmes here. So young, so unscathed. Pair it with a mini-skirt or some skinny jeans and you've nailed the whole understated-sexy thing.

Sometimes a retro 90s look can feel so refreshing. Why not do like Drew and sport a dark-red lip with a 90s necklace? Flip your hair over into a deep side-part and pump up the volume with some dry shampoo, then fill-in those brows. BAM, babe-a-licious!We don't condone you flashing David Letterman though.

 Winter can be drab drab drab, if you let it. We say, NEVER let it! Instead, pull out your brightest summer accessory like miss Palermo here, and rock it with your winter ensemble for a much needed breath of fresh air!

Finally for an element of the unexpected, why not rock a baseball hat this holiday season a la' Beyonce?? Add it to your party dress (or jumpsuit) instead of that same old, done-and-done glitter headband. Then tell everyone at the party all the reasons you and Mrs Carter would totally be best friends IRL.

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