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It feels like just about everyone we know is pregnant right now. Congrats ladies! And it also seems insane to me that we've never done a pregnancy style feature on the blog! Jeez. Sorry about that.  So without further ado, here's how we think you should dress when you're "with child".

Gone are the days of frumpy maternity-wear that you'll have to throw away once the baby comes. These days you can stick to the brands you love while pregnant and look amazing the entire time. That glow doesn't hurt either. Take it from someone who's entire wardrobe is made of pregnancy-appropriate attire. This is going to be easier than you think!

First of all, lucky for you, stretchy-waistband pants are all over the fashion scene these days. Case in point, trendy sweatpants! These babies are a pregnant girl's dream. Soft and cozy but stretchy and super stylish once you add the drop-crotch, tapered leg and a low-heeled boot. So stylish you will want to rock them after-birth as well. 
Ew, "afterbirth" sounds weird. Sorry.

 Next, you're going to want to rock a big t-shirt. Borrow your man's favourite vintage band-tee and pair it with a cute cropped jacket. Wham-bam, thank you mam. Or in this case sir.

Another winter staple that will be your go-to: leggings. Soft and stretchy, pair em with an oversized top and your cutest flat boots. 

Or get in the festive mood like this cutie with a pair of gold sequin pants and cozy knit! 

A striped jersey dress layered under an open blouse, cardi or blazer is a bump-friendly universally chic look.

And becomes even more chic when done in all black.

Here are a few current Fitzroy pieces we think will work for all our favourite moms-to-be out there:

The babydoll dress will be your new wardrobe staple. The perfect cut to keep you looking adorable right up to the 40 week mark, just add tights and a cropped jacket and you can continue to rock it long after little Johnny or Suzy comes along!

 This open style kimono works for every stage of preggyness, and is a super easy way to dress-up an otherwise casual outfit.

Make comfy-time fun in these super cute party-pants leggings from Ladakh!

Keep the lil guy warm in there by adding a bit of sparkle this holiday season with an oversized sequin knit!

With it's high-cut stretchy elastic waist-band this stunning jumpsuit is a dream for a petite mom-to-be. Just layer it over a cami, cuz your boobs are probably a lot bigger now right? Yowza!

The faux-fur Delusion Dinner Jacket. Layer it to re-create Sienna Miller's outfit, pictured above. Holy hot mama.

Mazel Tov!

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