Because you can't give her that.

Here at Fitzroy we often hear from men about how they find it incredibly difficult to shop for women. Even the women in their lives that they are closest too! But hey, we get it, girls are a tough sell! But then again, are we really?? On any given day, at any given moment, there is SO MUCH SHIT that we want. We are indeed coveteurs at heart.  That's why here at Fitzroy we've decided to address this problem head-on with the launch of our new side-project, the gift-guide to end all gift-guides, "Shit Girls Want". The aim of this site is to put an end to all this "women are so hard to buy-for" malarkey, by simply TELLING MEN exactly what it is that we want. 

And what better way to launch this new endeavor than with a guest post from one of our FAVOURITE girls, who knows exactly what she wants. Thanks again to Natalia for stepping up to the plate! If you like what you see, please feel free to follow, share, repeat

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