Take a tour of Fitzroy, Melbourne

"Where bo-ho meets yuppie. Fitzroy is the hot girl with personality you were jealous of in high school."  - Time Out Melbourne

We're often asked us where our name comes from. Most people assume it's either one of our surnames, but that's far from the case. (Would you shop at the fashion-house of Pastor-Buczkowski? Cuz I probably wouldn't.)  Derived from our passion for travel and urban exploration, the name was actually taken from Melbourne Australia's undoubtedly coolest suburb, and meant to reflect the many Australian lines we carry in the store.

I usually make the comparison between Fitzroy in Melbourne and Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood, but in all honesty that's not quite right either.  It's actually more akin to Brooklyn, with the weather of Silverlake and the laid-back attitude of the Aussies. God love em.  But rather than me trying to explain it, lets all just take a little spin around the neighborhood, shall we?


As you can see, this place has style coming out the yang. We can't wait to make our way back there sometime in the near future. How many things with the word Fitzroy on them do you think I'll come back with??


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