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Last night, as usual, Julie and I hit all the hottest parties in town. Just kidding, we went out for burgers - duh! - soooo much better!!! They say you can never be too overdressed, and Julie certainly brought the fire in this amazing One Teaspoon jumpsuit that can now be yours too! She looked so good in fact that we decided to document our little Yorkville expedition. 

We hit the new South Street Burgers location on Yorkville Ave which has the cutest little outdoor patio for your hot summer night enjoyment. And guys, they have NEW YORK FRIES!! I don't think I've had New York Fries since that time at Sherway in 1993. Most likely with Julie as well! Turns out they taste like our childhood. So retro-y delicious. 

Luxe Utility Jumpsuit in Dallas Wash by One Teaspoon

Bam Bam Bells in Black Solid Stretch by Show Me Your Mumu

Luxe Utility Jumpsuit in Dallas Wash by One Teaspoon

This guy feels all the vibes we're putting out there. He's down with it. 

Luxe Utility Jumpsuit in Dallas Wash by One Teaspoon

SERIOUSLY PAPZ, no more photos, please. Like, enough is enough already, geez.

 The burger place even had a little media wall set up just for us! How convenient!

Luxe Utility Jumpsuit in Dallas Wash by One Teaspoon

Need to work on my pout. Instead there is probably diet coke coming out of my nose.  

Forever dispelling the myth that fashion girls don't eat. 

Again, how SICK is Julie's One Teaspoon jumpsuit? Shop it here, or at our upcoming pop-up, August 29th and 30th at BYOB's new Kensington location: 20 Kensington Ave! If there are any left by then.

One Teaspoon Luxe Utility Suit

 Oh, and my magic pants that literally give you LEGS FOR DAYS??  MUMU OF COURSE. Shop em here

Bam Bam Bells in Black by Show Me Your Mumu
Show Me Your Mumu Bam Bam Bells in Black Solid Stretch

Great, now I'm hungry again. See you soon lovelies!


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