Festival Styling Segment for M3TV with Gaby Henderson

Last week we were thrilled to be part of a Festival Styling segment with the lovely host of M3TV's RETRO 30, Gaby Henderson. Shot in the pop up and styled by us, our challenge was to create 3 different music-festival-ready outfits, inspired by our favourite festival artists; Stevie Nicks, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. 

You can watch the segment online here (oh and feel free to like our page, while you're at it!), and then head over to our newly-updated online store to shop your own festival-inspired looks, now that our spring pop up is over. 


And don't forget to catch Gaby Henderson on Retro 30, Thursday nights at 8:00 on M3!  (The last time we watched was a real wake-up call, finding out that all the music we grew up with is now considered "retro".)

Beck? Really?? Say it isn't so. 

Thanks again to Gaby, Natalia, Claudia and the friendly camera man who's name I've forgotten. *sorry!*

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