Who is your young celebrity crush? (John Slatterly, forever)

Hipster Springsteen

 Ours are a tie between a young John Slatterly (giving James Dean a serious run for his money) and the boyish grin of a young Andrew McCarthy. Ok maybe that one's just me. Honorable mentions: Pratt, Lowe and Ruffalo.

You're welcome.

Skinny Pratt, the original. 

Mark Ruffalo.

Outsiders-era Matt Dillon before his face got all big and weird. 

80s Gere lean. 

 "OK, so he's kind of a Baldwin" - Cher Horowitz

 This era Jagger is sexy and he knows it.

Classic all-American boy Robert Redford. 

Rob Lowe was doing the wear yourself on a t-shirt thing long before the whole Gosling-Bieber meme.  

Brooklyn-Pacino, before Brooklyn was cool.

Paul Newman is OK we guess, if you're into that kind of thing.

Baby Elvis was a BABE.

And finally, John Slatterly and Andrew McCarthy. Who did we miss??

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