The Saved By The Bell Cast reunites on Jimmy Fallon...

And the internet loses it's shit. 
Like any of us who grew up in the 80s/90s, we were MEGA fans of the iconically cheese-ball high school sit-com Saved By The Bell. Julie knew it so well she could name the episode before the opening credits ended. "This is the one with the Autumn Ball, you guys". 

Which is why we almost chocked on our gluten-free granola this morning when we heard that Jimmy Fallon had REUNITED the original cast (minus Screech and Lisa, boo) as part of his broadcast from LA last night.

The result is the best thing you'll see all week, with the highlights of course being the return of the Zack Morris cell phone and Jessie Spano telling us just how excited she is...

Marry us, Jimmy Fallon? In the meantime, GOOOOO BAYSIDE!!

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