Workout Inspiration: Retrosweat

We just about lost our child-of-the-80s minds last week when we stumbled upon this incredible photoshoot by XRAY DOLL for Retrosweat, the authentic-80s Jane Fonda leotard style aerobic workout OF OUR DREAMS. 

Music, attire and choreography for this Australian based group exercise class are all pure 80s, and attendees are encouraged to spandex, lycra and leg-warmer it up! 

"Short shorts are recommended to allow for deep squatting and dangly earrings, multicoloured eye shadow with crimped ponytails add a touch of glamour.  Regulars wear their Reebok Freestyles" (with slouch socks, natch) and there are weekly prizes awarded to the best dressed. Ummm... sign us up immediately please! We swear we'll never complain about working out again! Even their website is done in that to die-for, mid-80s-cocaine-brain palate of neon and pastel perfection. Now remind us again, why don't we live in Sydney???

If we were able to sweat it out with these genius babes, we would definitely be rocking our Flamingo Party Muscle Tee tanks, probably with a bit of pink spandex and some legwarmers, topped off with a scrunchie.  Now, everybody grapevine... 


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  3. Beautiful images and Ladies. The Legs alone have us hypnotized! Keep up the Smooth work. E-

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