The best thing about being a Mom...

Since many of our dear friends have recently become mothers themselves, we thought it might be fun to find out what they love most about the experience. We asked 7 incredibly inspiring women (including our own moms) to share their thoughts on motherhood. What they came back with made us tear up! Ready the tissues, people.

JEN MCNEELY, Founder and Editor-in-Cheif at She Does The City & Mom to ELLIOT

"Baby Elliot is just three weeks old but in this precious slice of time my world has transformed entirely. Although life with an infant is very challenging, there is a lot to love and countless moments to cherish. 

I think what I love most right now is gazing into his eyes, lifting him close to me, and showering him with little kisses. Even at 5am, after a night of multiple feedings and no sleep, I just need to lock eyes with him, sniff his baby scent, touch his soft skin and I'm totally transfixed, in awe and in love. I know he's going to grow and change so quickly; I do my best to savour these quiet and tender moments that mark his early days of life."

 VIDA SCHULTZ, Vice President at OverCat Communications & Mom to OLIVIA

"The endless exchange of unconditional love...and scaring other patrons of nice restaurants by showing up with a toddler."

 KATE HEWKO, Owner at Kate Hewko POP-UP SHOP & Mom to BLAKE & JOHN

"I love playing with my daughter's hair until she falls asleep at night, and hearing my sons scream with excitement every morning when I lift him out of the crib"

SARAH BARBER, Principal at Barber Design Shop - Interior and Architectural Design & Mom to WINSTON

"My son reminds me to stop and enjoy this very moment. Forgetting about time, making eye contact, noticing the small details, laughing and smiling; this is true bonding. I love being a mom for these reasons. Oh, and the hugs, the hugs!"

AMELIA SIRIANNI, Actress and part-time Fitzroy Team Family member & Mom to MONTGOMERY

"My favourite thing about being a mother is having the special privilege to witness a human being's first experiences - his first smile, first laugh... Whether they are subtle changes or big milestones, I am grateful for the gift of sharing these moments with my son. I truly believe he chose his father and I as parents to help shape him as a person and, in turn, he is here to change our lives so much more for the better!

 Also, every morning he wakes himself up from farting so loudly and I can't help but laugh and laugh! I may record it one day."


KATHY PASTOR, Teacher & Mom to ANGELA (me!) and MICHAEL

"It's watching my children strive for and achieve their goals, no matter how many challenges and disappointments they meet along the way. 

It's seeing the joy in their faces when they've experienced success, any kind of success. That's when being a mom is wonderful!" 


YVONNE BOGORYA, former President of the Polish Canadian Women Federation and Owner at Bogorya & Associates Consulting & Mom to JULIE (our Julie!) and CHRISTOPHER

"Motherhood is so magical and powerful. I enjoy being close with my children and I would love to be able to share as much as possible. 

I love being a Mom because I can feel that my daughter is my greatest friend- so close to me, a part of me. It is a miracle to know that I gave birth to such a wonderful child- beautiful and intelligent - I am so proud of her!! And I know that she will be there for me - always...  
Having a child and watching her grow is such a wonderful feeling - most important in my life."

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there. You are our everything. 

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