Our top 10 most epic PROM moments

There's nothing like a good prom scene in a film, am I right? Especially an 80s film. They really nailed that prom drama. Hello, Pretty In Pink!  In fact, if a movie has a prom scene it almost automatically enters my top-10 list, based on that factor alone.  

Crazy dresses, choreographed dances, romantic climaxes, epic sweeping ballads and happy endings - prom scenes have it all! Everyone has their favourites that they can watch a million times over and know off by heart (Valley Girl). That's not just me, right? This list was difficult to whittle down and I know I've missed some good ones, but here are our top 10 most memorable prom moments on film, and some handy tips you can glean from them to make your own prom experience cool as shit.

10. Pretty In Pink  Classic. Go with your best friend, make your own dress (but, like, nicer than that one) and hold your head high. Then make out with Andrew McCarthy.

9. Grease Dance like no one's watching.

8. Romy and Michelle  Dance like you and your BFF are totally the coolest people in the room, duh.

7. Footloose  A place where music and dancing are illegal? Kevin Bacon, save us from this nightmare! Dance like you're dancing for FREEDOM.

6. Napoleon Dynamite  Find the most creative way you can think of to ask your crush to go with you, then get a hair crimper, a silk shirt and a sweet ride. 

5. Back To The Future  Set up your parents on a date, then get up on that stage and show a generation of kids what they've been missing.

4. Never Been Kissed  A cult fave of ours. Go to prom when you're older, dance with your hot teacher, and tell the cool kids who were mean to you that high school ISN'T EVERYTHING. Also, wear a period costume.

3. Carrie Probably best not to do anything that she does.

2. Valley Girl  It's the 80s, it's LA. Dump the prom king and run away with Nic Cage, then enjoy those few good years together before he gets all weird and creepy.

1. Beverly Hills 90210  Okay, so we know it's not a film, but our faveourite prom moment of all time has to be good-girl Donna getting caught drunk at the West Beverly promWear a dress two sizes too small, drink one glass of champagne and have to be carried out by your friends. 20 years later people will still be chanting "Donna Martin graduates".

Now, on to YOU and YOUR prom. My prom sucked, which may explain my obsession with prom scenes in movies. My boyfriend dumped me a couple days prior, so I was the ONLY PERSON (I think in our entire graduating class) without a date. Afterwards everyone went up north to party at someone's cabin for the weekend, but I was not in a party mood and instead went home to mope around by myself. Ha. Sometimes our high school selves were just so stupid

Now much older and thankfully wiser, we think you should enjoy the silly tradition that is prom with or without a date! Seriously, what's more fun than getting all dolled up and dancing all night with your friends, guys and gals? So, in honor of you having a waaayyyy better prom than I did, here are our suggestions for what we think you should wear.  An affordable prom dress that you'll actually wear again? Yup, kids are so much smarter these days...

Chemistry Dress, $159

Pink Lady Dress, $75

Sweet Home Dress, $89

Secret Garden Dress, $112

Rydell Dress, $189

And now to get you in the awkward slow-dance mood, here's one of my favourite prom-themed songs (yes, that's a thing) Last Prom On Earth, a sweeping pastiche-y ballad which contains a Boys II Men style break-down from none other than Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.  

 "The song plays out like that moment from an 1980s teenage-love movie where the crowd at the school dance parts and the awkward, stammery hero sees his crush standing there in the center of the room, glowing." - Pitchfork

Enjoy kids, and have fun at the prom!



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