Travel Diaries: Paris

All the stunning, jealousy-inducing photos coming out of Paris Fashion Week these past few days have got me feeling all nostalgic about my own times spent people-watching and window-shopping in that beautiful city.  These were taken in the summer of '05 and fall of '08 in the pre-smartphone era, before posting photos of every outfit, meal and sunset was de rigueur. In fact it seems like I only took about 6 photos per trip! 

Some (the boyfriend) would argue that it was a better time, and that I probably actually enjoyed Paris in the moment, rather than from behind lens of an iphone stuck to my face. And while that is definitely true, if five years later I want to remember a cool restaurant or shop I discovered, I can't! So you tell me which is better? One thing is for sure, the next time I visit Paris I'll totally be Instagramming it. (sorry hon!)

I'm not actually super-annoyed to be in Paris as it would appear. Just squinty in the sun. 

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