Unlikely style icon: Stephanie Tanner

Is it just us, or is Full House kinda having a moment right now. I mean, first of all, THIS. (EEEEEE!!!!!) The Elvis vest!!! AUNT BECKY!!! Best day of my life.  Watching it sent us on a youtube trip down memory lane to re-visit the opening credits and search for that one where Stephanie drives the car through the wall. (They can always get a new house, but they can never get a new Stephanie, people.) 

At some point during my Fallon-induced hysteria, the boyfriend admitted that he has never seen Full House!  I guess growing up in the UK maybe it wasn't a thing over here (hard to believe) and then for whatever reason he just never sought it out on his own, as an adult. (We're so different, me and him.)  Anyway, I quickly rectified the situation with a "best of Michelle" reel which brought him up to speed and had him puking in his mouth faster than you can say "cut-it-out". Am I a good girlfriend or what?!

But I digress. Point being that as much as we loved to hate her, it appears that goody-two-shoes-brat-face-middle-Tanner was actually years ahead of her time when it came to style. Like, 20+ years! 

 Long before she went off the rails (do yourself a favour and read her autobiography Unsweetined - it'll be our little secret - a summer treat, if you will), she really had those summer 2013 trends nailed

We present to you our latest unlikely style icon, Stephanie Tanner.  Scroll down for some of her hottest fashion-forward looks.

Colour-blocking neon

graphic print shoe

awesome graphic tee

floral print motif

sleeveless denim vest

daisy print

star print  

1. Ladakh Burrowed Boyfriend Shirt 2. Ladakh Starry Eyes Shorts 3. Erica Ray Spiked Heel Tee 4.Show Me Your Mumu Sunflower Tank 5. Reverse Mad Love Dress 6. Whitney Eve Whimsy Blouse

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