Travel diaries: London - part 1

 If you've been following our social media, you know that I've been living in London for the past few weeks (actually one month today!) so I thought it would be nice to share a little bit of what I've been up to since I arrived. 

We live in the grittier end of Hoxton, a typically hipster-ish East London neighbourhood not unlike the Dundas & Dufferin area where we live in Toronto. Similar, but dirtier. I love it for the location, with walkable access to amazing markets, excellent food and cool bars, and so many beautiful surprises around every corner.

There's so much in fact that I've barely left the east end. Apart from a few gallery excursions (the Bowie exhibit is coming to Toronto next guys - don't miss it - so good!!!) and one lovely bottle of wine by the Thames (you can totally drink in public here, no tickets or anything!), most of my spare time has been spent exploring all the wonderful hidden gems that our neighbourhood has to offer. Personal favourites include the fantastic flower market and our local cafe/coffee shop which is right on the canal, not 5 minutes from our doorstep. Yeah, and they have wine and grilled cheese too. I know right? 

The weather has been uncharactaristically picnic-perfect with hardly a cloud in the sky, which means lots of strolling along the canal and late night drinks on our little deck. In a word, dreamy.  And I've barely scratched the surface.

Apologies for the number of pics, I've never been good at editing-down.

 The Hood

A vintage pop-up-shop in a laundromat. People continued to do their laundry around it.

 The line or "que" for the public pool. Totally worth it though. #heatwave

Columbia Road Flower Market.

 Food & Drink


Cocktails are important.

The home bar is still a work-in-progress.

 A blender is essential.

As is a barbecue.

Market olives and fresh basil pesto. To die for.

This guy.

God's nectar.


Touristy pic of the river at sunset with St. Pauls in the background and a double-decker bus. Check.

 Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square.

Vintage window-shopping in the more decadent neighbourhoods.

Beating the heat with a dip in Hampstead Heath's swimming ponds.

Art & (ahem) Culture

"David Bowie is" exhibit at the V&A, highly recommended.  No photos allowed so these few were sneaked.

 Kids playing in the fountain outside the museum. I went in shortly after this. #heatwave

"Paper" exhibit at The Saatchi Gallery.

Wonderfully creepy.


 Obama couch.


Our local cafe screened Dirty Dancing, so, obviously.  Ticket came with wine and popcorn. I had the time of my life. Tee-hee.

"One for The Bling Ring please. Thanks."


Some things I've found in London that look like Florida. I hope to find a lot more.

This can, for example. Quite special.

 For more pictures of London's best cans, follow me on Instagram @fitzroyboutique


  1. A.P! You should not be apologizing. You have captured very nice images. Especially tourist picture of the river at sunset is fascinating. London is a fabulous place with numerous attractions. I visited it during the boston new york washington tour. I did not see the whole region but now I am going again with my friends. I am sure I will see its all places now.

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