God Bless America

As we wish a very happy July 4th to all our American friends, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on our favourite pieces of American culture. Our neighbours to the south have given us so much to love over the years, it was hard to narrow it down, but here's our top 10!

 10. Nothing says American summer like a good old fashioned surfin' safari. "Be true to your school" and "Help me Rhonda" take us back to the days of collegiate sweaters, rollerskates and burger shacks. An America we never knew but miss it all the same.

9. Paul Rudd seems to represent all that is good and kind, not just in America, but the entire world. Look at that face.

8. Seinfeld. Iconic American comedy that could ONLY have come out of New York.

7. Tom Petty sang about American adolescence in a way we felt we could really relate to, even though we didn't know where Reseda was and there were no freeways in our yards. But we were and are crazy about Elvis, horses and our boyfriends too. 

6. Kubric, Coppola, Scorsese; all iconic American filmmakers but it's The Shining that fascinates our imaginations and chills us to the bone again and again, and forever and ever and ever and ever...

5. Tina. An inspiration, a role model, a comedic genius, a woman we adore. 

4. The whisky soaked soul of Tom Waits almost seems to be of another time.  It's as if he crawled off the back of a box car with nothing but a bottle of bourbon, a harmonica and a scribbled note pad of lyrics. In reality, this multi-talented, modern day American poet is a surprisingly happy husband and father of two, living in California wine country.

3. Motown. Soul. Blues. Ragtime. Some Jazz. Some.

2. When we picture New York, we see it through Woody Allen's eyes. Or rather, his iconic black rimmed glasses. 

1. Ok, we had to. Nothing says wholesome American family to us like the Walshes. In fact, in honor of this loving family, we would like to give you 20% off the entire site today, including SALE items! Because when you move from Minnesota to the big city, you probably need some new clothes. 

Enter BRENDAWALSH at checkout.

Happy 4th of July!!!


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