Girl crush: Sofia Coppola

Sofia is the genius filmmaker behind some of our all-time favourite movies, and with her newest offering in theaters now (we're dyyyying to see it), we thought we'd reflect on the many reasons we girl-crush HARD on this lady.  

We love her sophisticated, laid-back look that effortlessly blends the classic elements of American and Parisian style. We love that she married Phoenix front-man Thomas Mars in a lavender Alaia dress. We love her as the face of Marc Jacobs signature perfume. We love that she never told us what he whispers to her at the end of Lost In Translation.  We love her dreamy Marni for H&M ads. We love that as part of a famous film-making dynasty, it was her own talent and her unique cinematic style that established her name and set her apart.

Above all we love that we can count on her to be inspiring and original in her work, life and style.

For these and many more reasons, we heart you Sofia.

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