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We recently asked some of Toronto's most stylish to pick their 4 favourite pieces from our online shop.  We really enjoyed seeing each blogger's personal style reflected in their choices, and it was a great reminder that there's something for everyone at, no matter what your style! 

Here's what they came up with, there are definitely a few standout pieces that got a lot of love!

Bryanna of JeSuisTV and TheBeatUpFeet

You may recognize stylist and girl-about-town Bryanna Brown from just about any fashion event, where she undoubtedly looks like the coolest girl in the room. But did you know she is also super sweet and talented? She shot our first ever video back in 2011 for Je Suis TV, and has been there to support us ever since, even hooking us up with our amazing model Joelle. 

Now Bryanna has her own blog that you should really check out: TheBeatUpFeet !

Shop Bryanna's picks: the Black Rebel Trench, all of the Zodiac Tees, (we still have a few other signs in stock, including Gemini, Leo and Libra. Come on fellow air signs, show your zodiac pride!) the Ethereal Dress, and the crazy-cool No.9 tank . 


Natalie Ast of NataliAstStyle.

Gorgeous personal-style blogger Natalie Ast is another multi-talented young lady we are lucky enough to know. Beauty and brains in one, this girl is a gifted writer, photographer, dancer and all around super-stylish gal. Her unique, edgy-yet-feminine style shines though in her choices:

Shop Natalie's picks: Madonna Bustier, Arrow Bracelet, Gato Fringe Skirt (coming soon in dress form, omg) and the stunning Ethereal Dress.

You can check out more of Natalie's style on her wonderful blog.


Gracie of

What can we say about the lovely Gracie Carroll? We love her for her put-together, sleek sophisticated downtown look, her effortless street-style choices and her informative lifestyle-blog website which keeps us up to date on the goings-on in the city and the fashion and beauty world at-large.  

Gracie's mix of uptown and downtown cool meant her choices crossed over with several other bloggers. We love that she made sure to show her Toronto pride!

Shop Gracie's picks: Toronto Maptote (currently sold-out but more are coming soon!), Madonna Bustier, the Ethereal Dress (so popular, how do we still have one of these?!) and the Arrow Bracelet.


Allison Stokes of The Vodka Blog
PR maven and our dear friend Allison Stokes writes The Vodka Blog which covers everything from music to fashion to her life and travels to how to make the perfect cocktail. Her eclectic style takes her from meetings to festivals to the park all in one day, and we love how she effortlessly mixes vintage and new pieces into her wardrobe.

See Allison's picks below and be sure to check out her witty musings on The Vodka Blog.

Shop Allison's picks: Tipsy Pants (a shop favourite!!)  the Avengers Dress, the Rain Dancer Dress, and the Black Rebel Trench.


Nicole of Dainty Girl, image via chicdarling

You know pretty lady Nicole Wilson as Dainty Girl, blogging her feminine, ladylike style and covering fashion events all over town for her popular site Nicole's choices include flowy, feminine summer dresses and chic trousers that can be dressed up or down.

Follow Nicole's chic, dainty style at
Shop Nicole's picks: The Swazi Dress, the Sunset Maxi, the My Perogative Dress and the Dahlia Pants.


Cuite Leah Gust of Leah Says and Dalston Grey

Besides being one of our favourite people on earth, Leah Gust is the owner of vintage and new boutique Dalston Grey and curator of the personal style blog "Leah Says" (what Leah says you should wear). Constantly being streetstyle photographed for her creative sartorial choices, Leah executes a perfectly ecclectic mix of vintage and designer duds that puts her up there with the best of what we see coming out of Europe and NYC, streetstyle wise. This girl can pull off just about anything without looking like she's even trying, which is why we think you should read her blog and heed her style advice, kids!

Shop Leah's picks: Chloe Scalloped Shorts, Gavin Crop, Boyfriend Jeans, and my personal shop favourite right now, The Catskills tote bag!  

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