Strike a cord

As you may have noticed, cords are back in a big way for fall. As someone who wore cords exclusively throughout all of grade 9 and 10 (with my oversized Nirvana t-shirt and Doc Martens), I wasn't sure how I felt about this. Could my 30-something self actually pull off cords again?? These ladies make them look so good that I at least wanted to try...

Fortunately, we just received an amazing pair as part of our first One Teaspoon Fall delivery, the Cord Iggys. We have them in navy (pictured below) not the pink, but they are the same cut - skinny fit with a cropped ankle length that is perfect to pair with your fall boots. Or high-tops. Oh yeah, I bought high tops too. Sorry high school self. 

Anyway, all my fears subsided as soon as I tried them on. I am officially cord-crazy again.

Other AMAZING new arrivals from One Teaspoon include the Bronze Eagle Knit (above) and Unforgiven Shirt (below)

and the super-soft, embellished On The Road Knit.

Temperatures in Toronto are supposed to hit the 30s again by the end of the week, but now all I want to wear are my new cords and cozy sweaters! 

 Patience. Sigh.

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