Peacock or Python?

Cammy and Cologne model their Mumu's
Toronto, meet you new go-to line, Show Me Your Mumu! This line even comes with its own dream-come-true fairytale, in which two best friends developed the perfect garment (the re-invented mu'mu) as an answer to the perpetual hole in their wardrobe. While on vacation in Miami, Cammy and Cologne, the lovely ladies behind Mumu, discovered they couldn't find the perfect lightweight baggy t-shirt dress that could go from beach to city, day to night and everything in between. As the story goes: "It needed to be baggy and short, flattering and girly, but not so much as to swallow you whole. Why not, they realized, while ocean side under the palm trees of Meeeahhmi, create this much-needed staple themselves??"  Thus their signature "Mumu" was born. "It could be worn by all—big and small, short and tall—and could be a dress, a top, a tunic, or…anything"! And did I mention that the Mumu's are one-size fits all?  Effortless dressing at it's best!

Because the Mumu's are so versatile, Cammy and Cologne have kindly provided this handy FAQ on how to wear them:

What is the definition of a mumu?

Mumu: (mōō’mōō’) noun.
When worn with a slip it is a short dress, when worn with pants it is a long top, when worn with a bikini it is a tunic, when worn with a belt it is…well…belted, and when worn to bed it is a nightie.  It is your favorite piece in your closet and the only thing you really ever need.

How do I wear a mumu?

Wear your mumu with one, two, or all of the following options:
Slip (half or full)
Mini skirt
Tucked into high-waisted anything
Bike shorts
Shorts of any kind
Long tank

The girls then went on to expand Show Me Your Mumu's collection to include a gorgeous selection of lace and printed tanks, shorts, pants, skirts, bell sleeve tops and tunics, and most recently, the poncho.

All photos from Mumu's Fall 2011 Lookbook by Ryan Hebert.
How nice is it to see models smiling and laughing and having fun in a lookbook for once?!

For fall, we at Fitzroy have chosen to feature the Original Mumu in python. We will also be carrying the adorable black lace shorts seen below, which make the transition to fall when paired with black tights and boots - done and done!

We are also soo excited to be stocking Mumu's newest creation, the Polo Poncho, in both the python and this gorgeous peacock print! Which leaves you with a difficult decision - are you a peacock or a python??

 Personally I can't decide and am going to need one of each. More Mumu's are coming in for Christmas, which ones are your favourtie?

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