First Impressions - Toronto Fashion Week round-up

After a fabulous week showcasing the best of Canadian design talent, here are some of our favourite looks from our favourite lines. As a Toronto fashion week newby I must say I was very impressed with the overall quality of most of the collections. From the looks of things, Fall 2011 is going to be a very decadent season.

I'll start with IZMA, which was dripping with decadence. We didn't actually attend this show, but I literally squealed when I saw the photos. This is the way I dress in my dreams. 


Pink Tartan

Joe Fresh


All images via Jenna Marie Wakani for Toronto Life

And finally Line Knitwear closed off the week with a collection that left us wanting to immediately rush back stage, buy all of it and wear it home.

I have the biggest girl crush on Amanda Laine, elbowing Julie each time she appeared on the runway: "There she is again!!"

Images via Istoica for Blog TO

All in all it was a week of swoon-worthy pieces by talented designers that now have us looking forward to fall almost as much as summer. Well done Canada. Bravo.

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