If you know me well (and if you are reading this I can assume you probably do) you will know that I have recently developed an unhealthy obsession with Mad Men. Until earlier this year I had never actually seen the show, and had a 'c'mon, how good can it be, really?' opinion of it because of all the hype.  Jump to the end of a cold snowy January and I had plowed through seasons 1 through 3 and was counting the days until season 4 came out on DVD. Well that magical day came this past tuesday, and I almost considered skipping fashion week to stay home and watch it. Almost. Luckily Julie was having none of it and we attended fashion week as planned.

So now in honor of season 4, and the show just having been renewed for two more seasons (!!!)  I thought I would take this opportunity to dedicate a post to the exquisite style of the show. Which for me is all about Betty Draper. And even if you've never seen an episode, you can still appreciate the beauty in these images.

All images via Tom and Lorenzo who have fabulously documented Betty's wardrobe episode by episode. Who are you. and can we be friends?

While all the mad-women are impeccably styled and look stunning in every episode,  it's Betty's closet that I most want to raid. She has not been on screen nearly enough this season! Sigh.

Ok no more Mad Men posts from now on, I promise.

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