Style crush: Vintage NFL cheerleaders

Happy Superbowl Sunday!! We can't say we don't watch it for the snacks, fun commercials and half time show extravaganza, but yeah we guess Football can be fun too... Especially if you were a cheerleader in the 80s! Damn, Raiderettes! Can we tryout please??

A little scroll down will tell you that Cheerleaders uniforms have not only gotten tinier over the years but have also lost some of the pizzazz of decades past.  The only thing that seems to have stood the test of time are the essential white boots. 

We're loving these vintage cheerleader looks, from the headbands to the leotards, and the crazy 80s hair and makeupNFL, please take heed and bring back glitter, tassles, fringe, giant pom poms and 80s hairdos! Let's make football fun again!!

Oh hi OJ.

Happy Football watching!




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