We play dress up and 20 questions with Judith Maria Bradley!

Judith Maria Bradley for Fitzroy Boutique
Judith wears our Super Trackies and Parisienne Nights Roll Neck by One Teaspoon

You've probably seen her beautiful face popping up all over town. Maybe you noticed her in the Fall campaign for Holt Renfrew, or in the pages of ELLE Canada.

Judith Maria Bradley for ELLE Canada
photo cred: Owen Bruce for ELLE Canada

Maybe you already follow her fabulous Instagram, or you've seen pics of her on our feed and asked us who, WHO IS THAT WOMAN???

Judith Maria Bradley by Elijah Monroe
Judith is photographed in our Fall Pop-Up by Elija Monroe

The mysterious woman causing all the (well deserved) ruckus is none other than Judith Maria Bradley, and she's one of  the most beautiful, kind, warm-hearted and hilarious people we know. 

Judith Maria Bradley with Ange and Jules of Fitzroy Boutique

We first met Judith at our Holiday pop-up last December and were immediately blown away by her amazing sense of style (she had just come from getting a tattoo that day, as you do). Luckily for us the feeling was mutual and she has been one of our biggest supporters ever since. She styled this shoot with her favourite Fitzroy pieces and as you can see, knocks it outta the park. 

Judith Maria Bradley in One Teaspoon
Judith wears our Stevie Faux Fur Vest and Parisienne Nights Roll Neck

Rarely seen without her trademark oversized sunglasses and often with a photographer in tow ("they follow me around"), Judith can be found making friends and spreading joy all over the city, from coffee shops to vintage boutiques and Kensington Market. Constantly being stopped by people on the street who recognize her from Instagram, she tells us how surprised she is by all the fuss. We're not. This tiny little woman is larger than life. 

Judith Maria Bradley

Not wanting to be pigeon-holed as "advanced style", Judith has turned down numerous requests to be featured on the New York based mega-blog of the same name, which profiles the stylish older women of Manhattan such as Iris Apfel. Because, as she quite rightly tells us, "true style is ageless, dahling." Um, can we please be even half as cool as you when we grow up? Or now? What is your secret???!

Judith Maria Bradley modeling for Fitzroy Boutique, Toronto

20 questions with Judith Maria Bradley

Here are some things we've come to know and love about our Judith:

She curses like a sailor. She will eat all of the Halloween candy you put out for customers, and then finish off your lunch. She communicates largely in emoji's and is a big fan of nicknames, dubbing us "Fitz" and "Roy" pretty much as soon as we met. (Julie: "why do I have to be Roy??") *crylaughingemoji*  She refers to her self as "Auntie Judith" and the photographer Elijah Monroe who shot these photos is "Harlem", but she won't say why. 

Judith Maria Bradley wears our Holiday Sequin Two-Piece
Judith wears our Golden Opportunity Sequin Two-Piece by Glamorous UK

She practices Kendo. She has lived all over the world and danced with Fidel Castro (and has the photo to prove it). She can walk in higher, sexier heels than any of us. This is the pair she brought to our photo-shoot, along with an arsenal of accessories.

Judith Maria Bradley
KILLER boots and tights, Judith's own. 

 Something tells us she doesn't follow the "take one piece off before leaving the house" rule. Or any rules for that matter. This is her headscarf, which by the way she can also rock better than any of us. Le sigh.

20 questions with Judith Maria Bradley

Oh, and she really, really hates ripped denim. We still love it though. And she was enough of a good sport to try some on for us! 

We put Judith through a game of 20 Questions to find out what makes this wonderful woman tick and how you too can grow up to be just like her!

*she titled this email "MORNING SWEET FITZ" 

1. Sign?  TAURUS
2. Age? 70 +
3. Occupation? Human Being !  That's the most difficult occupation we have . So given that I act ; I model ; I write  - I will do all I can to experience this life !
4. Favourite Designer? AJ. VANDERVORST
5. Favoutie Canadian Designer? ULA ZAKOWSKA. of ULA_ SHE
6. Favoutie City? NEW YORK, NEW YORK
7. Favourite Toronto Restaurant? LA MAQUETTA, BAR ISABEL, KINGYO
8. Favourite Toronto Coffee Shop? NEO COFFEE BAR, SWEET JESUS, LITTLE NICKY'S
10. Favourite book? GORMANGHAST by MERVYN PEAKE
11. Go-to magazine? PARIS VOGUE
12. Who influences you? DIANA VREELAND & EDITH SITWELL
13. Current trend you're loving? I do not like trends . It means people are not finding their unique style ; which each of us has .The cute thing trending perhaps not for long is THE POM POM . I like it because it is joyful.
14. Best style advice you've ever received? STAY DRESSED AND STAY READY
15. What style advice do you have for us? BE YOURSELF
16. Favourite accessory to put on in the morning?  Two favourite silver rings ; that carry lovely memories that I have had for almost forty years ! 
17. Favourite Instagram account? TOO MANY TO NAME
18. Favourite Fitzroy piece in the shop right now? THE LONG FAUX FUR VEST

Judith Maria Bradley models her favourite piece from the shop
Judith wears our Stevie Faux Fur Vest by Glamorous UK

19. Favourite Pop-Up shop? I MUST SAY wonderful FITZROY BOUTIQUE !   I would love to see them in a permanent home!
20. And finally, what's your beauty secret?? How do you look so amazing? If there is a secret; if I told you it wouldn't be a secret. It's really a lifetime of loving and taking care of this life that's been given me! It's a huge endevour isn't it?

That's all FITZ, question period is over!

So there you have it, the secret to a beautiful life is as easy as loving life! Thank you Judith, we couldn't imagine a better role model. 

Judith Maria Bradley

*Beautiful photos all cred: Elijah Monroe unless otherwise noted.


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