In-store now: Wary Meyers soaps and candles

We are pleased as punch today to welcome to the shop the raddest soaps and candles out there, and to introduce you to the namesake husband and wife duo behind these beautiful creations, John and Linda Meyers.  

Both artists by trade, John was formerly the director of visuals for Anthropology in New York, and Linda had worked as a graphic and interior designer. Together they penned a column on vintage decor and upcycling found objects for Time Out New York, which later became a book.  

John and Linda Meyers
Linda and John Meyers via ShopLittleMan

These days the pair make their living off their stunning soaps and candles, all loving designed and hand-made in small batches in their Cumberland Maine studio. 

Wary Meyers studio in Maine
Wary Meyers studio via CoolHunting

Not only are Wary Meyers products ridiculously gorgeous and delicious smelling, they are also 100% natural, made without the use of parabens, sodium sulphate, detergents, alcohol or animal testing. Basically no harmful chemicals. 

 The two share our healthy obsesson with vintage interiors and graphic design ( check out their KILLER Instagram) and bring that same sense of nostalgia to the design, colours and packaging of their brand. So for 70s fanatics like us, the problem is clearly how to choose just one. We want need them all. Gift season cannot get here soon enough...

wary meyers soaps and candles
pic via CoolHunting

Wary Meyers soaps

wary meyers candle

Wary Meyers violet soap

wary meyers Brasilia candle

wary meyers striped soaps


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