In store now: Celebrity Prayer Candles

Dolly Parton Prayer Candle

If you follow us on Instagram no doubt you've seen these hilarious "Saint Celebrity" candles already. Designed and handmade in Brooklyn, they sold out crazy fast the first time around, but a new bunch are back in stock just in time to light your porch for Halloween or worship by your bedside at night. (*prayer hands emoji*)

Most people have been buying them as gifts, so come down and get a jump on your Holiday shopping! There's one for everyone on your list.

Our personal faves include Prince, Steve Zissou, Elaine Benes, CLUELESS.. 

Oh, and Drake of course. #6ixgod

Drake prayer candle

Rihanna Prayer Candle

Stevie Nicks Prayer Candle

Bill Murray Prayer Candle

Elaine Benes Seinfeld prayer candle

Britney Spears & Madonna prayer candles

Clueless prayer candles

Golden Girls prayer candles

Broad City prayer candles

David Bowie prayer candles

Champagne Papi prayer candles

Collect 'em all!

Until November 30th.