Our top 5 love story films: 1 - Clueless

 The genius of the number one film on our list of "top 5 love story films" is that you don't know you're watching a love story until the end. So much more than a rom-com, Clueless is a movie about female friendship, surviving high school in the 90s, feminism, style and just generally saying awesome shit. But there is a love story at the crux of this iconic, perfect film, and the subtlety of it is what makes it our number one. Along with the powder pink palette and the fact EVERY SINGLE line is a gif-worthy quote, we, like every other girl who grew up with this film (20 years now, TWENTY YEARS) still cannot get enough of it. Our introduction to and subsequent immediate falling-in-love-with Paul Rudd, the whole ex-step-brother Cher and Josh love story is unlikely, but who cares, it's freaking adorable. I mean, those puppy dog eyes he makes at her? You had us at Marky-Mark's celebrity tree... 

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