Best dressed on the 2014 VMA red carpet

If you follow us you know how much we love a red carpet. It's our version of the playoffs. And while an MTV red carpet is naturally going to be more wild than say, The SAG Awards, we had to hand it to the babes who managed to strike a balance between sexy and chic and stand out amongst all the please-look-at-me cleavage and up-to-the-waist thigh baring slits.

Below are our annotated picks for best dressed.  Which looks were your faves?


Kendall Jenner is emerging as a red-carpet-natural, which is super annoying because she would look just as hot in a paper bag full of poo.  

Fine Taylor, it's MTV, you can go pantsless if you must, but thank you for at least knowing enough to cover up on top.

Is that Solange or a young Diana Ross? Either way, marry us.

Michelle Williams looked chic and classy. I wonder if she and Beyonce still talk?

Don't know who you are, but great little red beaded dress.

Flawless, duh.

Miss Universe winner and Jonas Brother date Olivia Culpo knows that you should ONLY rock a plunge this deep if you have a Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface chest. Apparently Kim K didn't get the memo.

This look is incredibly demure for Miss Minaj, so we'll ignore the fact that her lady parts are almost showing.

*Miley did ok too but we'd like to continue pretending she doesn't exist. 

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