Just a few of the myriad reasons we are madly in love with Winona Ryder.

Growing up she was our ultimate 90s style icon. A little bit grunge, a little bit rock n roll, and totally badass.

She consistently chooses interesting characters, challenging roles and risky projects, even when advised against it. Her agent told her Heathers would most definitely ruin her career, but she went with her gut and got a new agent.

She loves Tom Waits. So do we! We should totally be best friends. 

Except she already has the coolest friends.

And exes. Including baby Matt Damon! We always forget about baby Damon.

She once owned (hopefully still owns) this dinosaur suitcase. That's a mic-drop right there.

And until recently, this was her bathroom.

Her red-carpet game is aces.

But she doesn't need to impress anyone.

In our hearts and minds she will always be Lelaina Pierce, and Lelaina Pierce was everythiiiing.

And finally, she is still every bit as drop dead gorgeous now...

as she was then. 

Wild at heart and cool as f*ck, we bow down to you Miss Ryder.  You're Heather now. 


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