We're obsessed: Anna Barlow ceramics

When you're eating an ice cream later today you can thank me / blame me. Because now you NEED one, right? We know we do, after stumbling upon these truly drool-worthy candy coloured bits of heaven that look more than good enough to eat. But sadly you can't eat these - no one can - because they're actually ceramics from London based artist Anna Barlow who is clearly out to fuck with our brain's pleasure centers.  I really don't think I could have one of these in my home. I'd bite into it one day when I was drunk. Or even just hangry.

According to her ridiculously delicious looking website, Barlow is fascinated by the way we eat food, and the rituals around celebrational or indulgent treats. "The beauty of food left to melt and ooze is something that is usually overlooked and temporary, but this can be captured and frozen in time." Working with clay, porcelain and glaze, Barlow has "focused on ice cream, as it such a momentary yet memorable treat that most of us have experienced and therefore can evoke memories of sensations and tastes, as well as prompt a fantasy of desired indulgences." Well, consider us prompted, and off to the store now to buy all the necessary ingredients for this.

You can read more about Anna and the project here. And if you still need an extra excuse for a little Tuesday afternoon indulgence? We say, TREAT YO SELF!

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