The wild women: 20 questions with Cologne and Cammy of SHOW ME YOUR MUMU

If you've been following us for a while, you know how much we love these girls.  And you probably know the story of how they founded their label Show Me Your Mumu to fill the void for the perfect oversized beachy tee, and ended up creating the quentissential California boho-chic brand. 

But how well do you really know somebody till you know what they watch, where they hang out and what they eat for breakfast?  We played 20 questions with our favourite LA girls, so read on to find out their favourite Matthew McConaughey movie, and other important facts. 

1. What do you typically eat for breakfast?

Cologne: Iced Soy Latte and healthy grainy cereal with almond milk or an apple.

Cammy: Avocado toast! With a squeeze of lemon and a lil pink himalayan sea salt! Yum!

2. Tell us the name and breed of your dog!

Cologne: Buoy!!!!  She's a boxer puppy and I just love her.

Cammy: Pure lovable rescue mutt named Mick. Full name: Mick Wagger Hebert Miller. You can follow him on insta: @mickwagger

3. Your favourite romantic dinner spot in LA?

Cologne: Cliff's Edge or Stella in Silver Lake, Tasting Kitchen and Venice Wines in Venice.

Cammy:  Ado. The little yellow house on Main Street.

4. Your fave party spot in LA?

Cologne: My house. Cammy's house. The Bungalow. 

Cammy: Late nights with friends at The Eveleigh.

5. Tell us your favourite guilty pleasure reality TV show.

Cologne: The Bachelor!!

Cammy: Real Housewives of any city (love em all!)

6. Your cocktail of choice? 

Cologne: Margaritas! 

Cammy: Skinny Marg. Lotsa salt.

7. Exercise routine of choice?

Cologne: I love Spin and running outside.  

 Cammy: Pilates at Studio MDR with Mary Miller #themarymillermethod 

8. Fave 90s movie?

Cologne: Clueless, duh. Blank Check.

Cammy: 1. Clueless, duh. 2. Now & Then. 3. Hook

9. Current jam?

Cologne: I like it all... Rhye, Lorde, Goldroom, Rihanna, Fleetwood Mac...

Cammy: Jasmine Thompson Pandora Station

10. Celebrity style icon? 

Cologne: now: Nicole Ritchie, then: Bridget Bardot

Cammy: now: Kate Hudson, then: Veruschka 

11. Favourite Matthew McConaughey?

Cologne: Dazed and Confused, his style rules.

Cammy: Mud!!

12. Favourite place you've ever travelled to?

Cologne: Brazil, Fiji, Bali - I love the tropics. And of course my boyfriend's home Australia.

Cammy: Bequia in the Grenadine Islands. It's all about the Sugar Reef Hotel experience. Par-ahh-dise.

13. Favourite writer?

Cologne: Nick Miller

Cammy: Nick Miller & Jane Austen.

14. Something that's always in your purse?

Cologne: Extra Polar Ice. Eos Egg Chapsticks.

Cammy: My REDS shades. I'm obsesssssed!!

15. Favourite treat food?

Cologne: Frozen Yogurt!!! Everyday.

Cammy: Cookie dough and brownie mix. (Who needs an oven for dessert??)

16. Fave weekend getaway spot?

Cologne: My parents Vineyard in Paso Robles with my boyfriend and my pup! Or Palm Springs.

Cammy: Paso Robles to Cologne's parents Vineyard, Cocavin! It's heaven.

17. Something Cammy/Coco does that always makes you laugh?

Cologne: I sit across from her face, so a lot of laughs all day. The best is when we pretend to be husband and wife Marge and Frank Meevis from a small town. Marge is always gettin her nails done and I am always loosin my chapsticks! 

Cammy: When she pretends to be Suri Cruise. 

18.  Favourite character on GIRLS?

 Cologne: I only watch The Bachelor and Basketball with my bf, and E! News when he's outta town! 

Cammy: I only watched one episode! I prefer escapism with The Housewives, GIRLS hit too close to home!

19. Favourite online store in Canada??

Cologne: FITZROY FOREVER!!! We love our FITZROY girls and they have the best style!!!!

20. Thanks ladies! We love you too! Shop our SHOW ME YOUR MUMU collection online now!

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