LET ME IN: A peek inside Tara Leydon's stunning boho glam home

There's nothing we enjoy more than a visual snoop around someone's apartment, especially one as gorgeous and perfectly styled as this! So as an excuse to do this all the time, we're launching a new feature on the blog called "Let Me In", where we force our way into peek inside the beautiful homes of our friends and customers. With their permission, of course. 

First up is Toronto based makeup artist and image consultant Tara Leydon, who we first met back at our BYOB location when she'd drop by to scoop up her favourite Australian brands.  Ever since then we've been drooling over her amazing apartment pics on Instagram and finally decided we needed to see more. 

A girl after our own hearts, the decor in Tara's place is basically our dream aesthetic. Her influences fuse her love of fashion and makeup with the bits and pieces she's picked up at antique markets or brought back from her travels. From the gold skulls to the vintage Americana to the fashion-themed gallery wall and coffee-table books galore, Tara's passion for interior design and home styling really shines through in her boho-glam apartment. Girly but with a rock n' roll edge and unique vintage accents, one look at her pics left us wondering when we can start moving our stuff in.

I'll stop talking now and let you scroll. All pics and descriptions by Tara Leydon. And keep your eye out for some of her favourite Fitzroy pieces...

" I love coffee table books and books in general, I have been collecting them for some time now and have stacks all over my place. I have not read them all but one day I hope I have a home with a big library that has one of those sliding ladders to get around to all the book shelves."

"I have always loved the look of a gallery wall, my dad is a designer so I had seen them in different places over the years so when I moved into my place that happened to have a lot of wall space I knew that’s what I was going to do." 

"This long horned bull skull was a gift from a friend that found it when he was on a road trip back from Texas. I love it and love how it fits in my home, I named him Billy. I love mixing fashion/girly things with things not so girly like skulls! I never like things too pretty or perfect" 

 "I love antiquing and do a lot of it, this lamp I found years ago and besides loving the color I feel like it looks like it came from Palm Springs in the late 60’s"

"I’ve got a lot of skulls, it may be creepy to some but I love them and think they’re pretty. I also think there is something magical about skulls because that’s what we all are underneath it all a bunch of skulls and bones. I like the way they look in my place and how they complement my other pieces. The first skull I got was the gold one, I found it in Australia last year. Then also in Australia I found a little silver one and the hot pink one by Baby Anything. My carry-on bag back from Australia got a lot of double looks while going through customs! I also get a lot of skulls as gifts now which is always nice"



"I love vintage Harley Davidson and Americana stuff whether it's tees or these signs. I still need to put these up somewhere." 

  "Again, I love mixing different prints and looks, the American Flag above my bed is from 1955 and I found it while antiquing. I love classic Americana pieces. Then I love my leopard print and Missioni pillows, I thought they all mixed well together."

 "I have been collecting dream catchers since I was a kid, I love the meaning behind them and I have always been interested in Native culture and their beliefs."


"I picked these up while at an Antique & Vintage Car Show in Pennsylvania. Besides loving the look of them I love all these guys. I still need to frame them and added them to my gallery wall."

"Along with finding great antiques, I love finding vintage jewelry. I love mixing old and new and anything that has an animal on it I’m a sucker for! I’m also lucky my Nana had some great pieces that she gave me over the years."

"I love having fresh flowers in my home and I like making little arrangements and putting them in vases and mugs I like. This is a vintage mug from 1977 in Honor of the Queens Silver Jubilee. I just like the blue and gold and thought it looked almost Warhol-esque."

"I also collect matches and love finding fun vintage ones, I found these Camel ones while down in Pennsylvania. I also found this antique BB gun there it’s called Little Bill or at least that’s what it says on the side of it, it’s from 1890, I would love to find more!" 

 "I know this looks like a mess but I know where everything is…it was the best way I could think of to organize my necklaces without them getting all tangled."



"I love vintage prints and magazines, I first picked up some vintage vogue prints when I was in Paris years ago and whenever I see them I pick them up. Luckily you can buy them on Etsy and other websites now."

Thanks again to Tara for letting us in, and don't forget to check out her website for all your makeup / image/ homestyling needs!


  1. Great post! Love how girly and edgy her style is. Her instagram is one of my favourites and deserved this post explaining her thoughts behind the collections!

    1. Thank you so much girly, love your insta too, xo

  2. Yes, we agree entirely! Thanks Natalie! xx

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  4. Thanks for sharing. I never thought of making my own, but it doesn't look too hard!

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