Our top 5 love story films: 3 - Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart, 1990.

From the seriously dark and twisted mind of David Lynch comes the answer to the question, "what would a David Lynch rom-com look like?" (Said no-one ever.) It's almost as if someone, just for shits and gigs, was all like "hey, I have a challenge for you. Make your next film a love story". And he was on the phone 30 seconds later all: "get me Cage". An intense love story if ever there was one, the two characters are deeply - even violently -  passionate, and I find the romantic in me rooting for a "happy ending", most definitely missing the point.  

It's a road trip movie of sorts, as the two forbidden lovers, Sailor and Lula, are on the run from her crazed mother and the hit man she's hired to kill Sailor. After a series of disturbing, hard to watch events (it's Lynch, duh) Cage emerges from prison a second time to find Lula and their now 5 year old son. Not wanting to hurt them anymore, he leaves, only to be greeted by a vision of Glenda The Good Witch (cuz that's normal) who convinces him not to "turn away from love". In the end he wins her back with an Elvis serenade. 

Laura Dern is hot hot hot (honestly you will never watch Jurassic Park the same way again) and Cage would be too, were he not already deep into his Elvis phase, lost for good to the crazy celebrity world of Lisa Marie Priestly and pyramid tombs. In describing the role of Sailor, Cage said has said that he's "always attracted to those passionate, almost unbridled romantic characters, and that Sailor had that more than any other role I'd played."

Now if that doesn't say "Valentines Day" to you, I don't know what will.

 Notable lines: 
Sailor: "Those toenails dry yet sweetheart? We got some dancin' to do."
Lula: "This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top."


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