How to throw your own GIRLS themed party!

OH-EM-EFFING-GEE, we are yellow-mesh-tank-top level excited!  Our favourite GIRLS are back THIS SUNDAY (finally!) and what better way to celebrate their amaze return than to throw your own GIRLS themed viewing party with your BFFs! We've complied this handy list of everything you'll need to pull off the perfect GIRLS night!

Bake 4 and eat 3 of them in the bathroom before your guests arrive. 

       Any of these should do the trick:

And your best positive attitude. Now you are ready to take this party by storm!

So you can make all your friends look like Mexican teenagers.

So your guests can write their hopes & dreams on the wall!

And that Robyn song.

Cuz it's a Sunday night baby, and you're alive!!!

Happy viewing everybody!

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