Brilliant Earth style challenge

Recently we were approached by Brilliant Earth to participate in their style challenge. We do love a challenge here at Fitzroy, and since Brilliant Earth specializes in conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds and fine jewellery, we could totally get behind them.  We were asked to choose a style and create a mood-board for a woman who would represent that style, incorporating a few of their pieces. We choose to style the "Elegant and Modern" bride, featuring their 18K White Gold Luna Engagement Ring, 18K White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant, and my personal fave, the 14K Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings.  We chose a muse, the lovely and definitely elegant and modern Miss Olivia Palermo (recently engaged as well!) and also managed  to mix in a few Fitzroy pieces (can you spot them?), as we do believe there's something for every style girl at Fitzroy. I mean, we could TOTALLY see Miss Palermo rocking our Sydney Jumpsuit or Sequin Disco Dress, right? 

 Since my own wedding mood-boards thus far have been mostly all  boho-floral-crowns and lace dresses, this was a refreshing opportunity to see what an elegant and modern themed wedding might look like.  In a word, stunning. Hmmmm, now I might need to re-think this whole thing....

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  1. The Brilliant Earth Style Challenge invites participants to showcase their creativity and passion for jewelry design. This competition challenges individuals to craft unique and innovative pieces inspired by Brilliant Earth's ethos of ethical and sustainable sourcing. With a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, the Style Challenge aims to highlight the beauty of responsibly sourced gemstones and metals. Join the movement and unleash your creativity in this exciting design challenge.
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