Magic and Loss: RIP Lou Reed

Yesterday was a sad sad day for music, as we lost the legendary Velvet Underground front man, songwriter and solo artist Lou Reed. Naturally - like so many other heartbroken fans -  we spent last night re-visiting his early work with tears in our eyes. Here are some of our favourite photographs, lyrics and songs of the masterful Lou Reed.
Rest In Peace.

"I'll be your mirror, reflect what you are, in case you don't know. " - I'll Be Your Mirror

"Thought of you as my mountain-top, thought of you as my peak. Thought of you as everything I've had but couldn't keep." - Pale Blue Eyes

"You know that women never really faint, and that villains always blink their eyes. And that children are the only ones who blush, and that life is just to die." - Sweet Jane

"Oh I do believe, you are what you perceive, what comes is better than what came before.." - I Found a Reason

"Her perfect loves don't last, her future died in someone's past" - Chelsea Girls

"But remember the princess who lived on the hill, who loved you even though she knew you was wrong, right now she just might come shining through" - Coney Island Baby

 "You made me forget myself. I thought I was someone else, someone good." - Perfect Day

"But anyone who ever had a heart, they wouldn't turn around and break it..." - Sweet Jane

"Love has gone away, and there's no one here now and there's nothing left to say.. but oh how I miss him baby.. oh baby.. come on and slip away" - Street Hassle

"Tramps like us, we were born to play." - Street Hassle

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