Girl Crush: Mindy Kaling

The brilliant, gorgeous and hilarious Mindy Kaling has been at the top of our list of girl-crushes ever since she started making us laugh on "The Office" back in 2005. Mindy signed on to the show as a writer at only 24, (the only female writer!) and quickly took on the role of Kelly Kapoor where we (and everyone else in the world) instantly fell in love with her.  Prior to that she had been writing and performing sketch comedy with her best friend in college, and their 2003 play Matt & Ben was what earned Mindy her big break. Mindy played Ben Affleck in what Time magazine called "one of the ten best theatrical events of the year." What we wouldn't give to see that play now! 

Currently in her second season of writing, directing and producing FOX's "The Mindy Project", (the only Network TV show I watch anymore) with one laugh-out-loud-hilarious book behind her and a second reportedly in the works, we can't wait to see what's next for this amazingly talented, inspirational girl.   

Also Mindy, can we be best friends?  Bottle of wine or two, girl talk, some online shopping...?? 

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