Falling slowly

The weather has been so up and down lately here in Toronto. It still feels like summer during the day, but turns brisk and very fall-like as soon as the sun goes down. Getting dressed to leave the house in the morning can be tricky this time of year, and requires a little bit of planning. Which is why we have decided to focus on wearable, versatile pieces this season that can be easily layered, dressed up or down, and worn from day to night and for a number of different occasions.

Here are some of our latest new arrivals that can be mixed and matched into easy outfits that will keep you cute and cozy this fall!

 Alex Sweater by Pink Stitch 

Alex Sweater, Liberty Tank, Vegan Leather Skirt and Fieldguided Tote.

Wanderlust Knit, Tropicana Skirt and Paris Denim Maptote.

Boneyard Dress by One Teaspoon and Lingerie Sets by Globlove.

Remember, we will be here inside Love of Mine Boutique at 781 Queen Street West until October 20th, will new pieces coming in each week! We will also be updating the online store soon with lots of new fall inventory so keep checking back! 

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